Friday, October 22, 2010

my current reading


it has been 4 weeks since i started my gym course.. i fixed 3 sessions per week with my trainer but lately, i felt sooo lazy.. my old me is back! arghhh... i hate this feeling... i am demotivated again! as usual..

on weighing today, my scale showed number 80.2kg, and i was totally shock! suddenly, it killed my training mood ( i'm supposed to have training this evening) and quickly off to my husband's house instead of going to the gym.. bengang sangat kut!

luckily, i found this blog, which is recommended by one new friend in the internet.. i really impressed by the way she lost weight n was able to 'translate' what she had learnt from her diet 'guru ' Jillian Michaels to her readers to read.. memang best! kak imah, u did a very good job!

skrg ni pun tgh duk membaca lg... tgh nak kutip infos n knowlegde.. semoga berjaya lah hendaknya...


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